Table & Well

Live life relationally WELL with God, yourself and others!

Take a moment and imagine that you’re sitting around a festive table with friends and family. There are smiles on faces and you’re making eye contact as you’re engaging in meaningful conversations. How does it make you feel? Warm, safe, connected, like you belong?

Now imagine that you’re doing the same thing with some Pre-believers sprinkled in. Can you see yourself engaging on a heart level, looking into each other’s eyes, really interested in what others are saying even if it’s negative emotions. You sense that they’re feeling heard and loved for the first time in a long time.

This is what we’ve been doing for the past months with Table and Well. We are discipling people, sometimes even before they’re believers. Kinda like what Yeshua did. This discipleship starts around the table, but continues online where people can grow in their relationships with themselves, others and G-d, connecting on a heart level. Through personal contact and ongoing classes our goal is to raise up Spiritual Moms and Dads that can help new believers (old ones too!) grow in emotional maturity.

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Relational Co-Labs

Many of you have heard of or experienced a Table & Well session or a Luke 10 class with us. Many have also expressed how much they enjoyed them and what a learning experience it was. Ready to go deeper? 

Tennison and Ginelle are excited to announce the offering of the Table & Well – Relational Co-Labs.

Go in-depth with this twenty-four week, live, highly interactive small group learning lab, focused on developing key skills that are proven to heal, transform and mature your relationship with God, yourself and others.

The principles I’ve learned in this class have been life-changing to me. Please prayerfully consider participating. 


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