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Worship Albums

Contemporary Worship

“Just Like Joseph” is an eclectic mix of upbeat, contemporary worship songs, from folk to jazz and light rock to Gospel music! This new collection of original songs are in Hebrew, English and even one song in Spanish. Enjoy the music and put on your dancing shoes! All the songs were written and recorded in the Galilee!

A Middle-Eastern inspired soaking CD.

May you enter in a deep place of worship as you listen to our new Middle-Eastern soaking CD. Enjoy the rich harmonies and sounds of the harp, cello, violin, recorder, Irish pennywhistle, guitar and more. The Middle-Eastern flavor flows out of the saz, setar and tar, instruments from Iran and Turkey. These nations are two of Israel’s modern day enemies who will one day be worshiping the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with us. What a perfect sound for worship coming from Israel! May you enter into the throne room of grace through this new worship and soaking CD. Enjoy and be immensely blessed!

Contemporary songs for the prodigals.

“The Latter Rain” has just been released! This CD was birthed while praying over many prodigals. The L-rd poured out new songs to bless those who have strayed from the faith and encourage those who pray for them. The song styles vary from folk-blues to soft rock and from country-western to classical. Produced by Richard Hyde and Sasha Fishman and mastered in LA, “The Latter Rain’ features a song by Eliana Aliyah, plus 28 Israeli musicians. Nothing synthetic here – it’s real music!

Worship with a touch of the blues.

“Fine Linen” is an original collection of worship songs, half in Hebrew and half in English. We like to call it “worship with a touch of the blues.” Songs include”Fine Linen,” “Shine”, “Cover Me”, “Ha Aretz,” and “Hu Chai B’Tochi”. Produced by Richard Hyde and Marc Chopinsky with musicians from Tents of Mercy and Morning Star congregations.

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