When Noah and his family
Entered in the ark
Did they know the day that followed
No one could embark?

David’s life completely changed
The day he was crowned king
No longer taking orders
He commanded everything

When the Temple lay in ruins
And the sacrifices ceased
We were carried off in sorrow
From the greatest to the least

There comes a certain season
When there is no return
To our comfortable lives
When will we ever learn?

Consumed with high fashion
And splendid sidewalk cafes
Parisians barely noticed
The service delays

A Jew who once offered
A service that they needed
Seemed gone in the night
Their position deleted

Where did they ever go?
Don’t bother to know
Or they might come for you
Impossible! Says who?

We’ve entered 1939
We’re on the cusp of change
Everything familiar
Will soon be rearranged

G-d’s Word will be fulfilled
We believe what we have heard
Yet there always will be hope
As promised in His Word

December 3, 2023