A Dream of Dwelling Places


A Dream of Dwelling Places

I was listening as David said he wanted to build a house that יהוה could dwell in. When this Scripture came to mind, I heard יהוה say that the house He wants to dwell in is inside everyone of our hearts.

So I opened my heart for Him to take up residence there, and as His Spirit entered in, I noticed a colorful flurry of a sparkling that filled every cell in my body. Then I witnessed a change in my strands of DNA as the spirals moved in rhythm as if they were dancing to unseen music. This rhythmic pattern caused them to first straighten themselves out and then return to their spiral form.  During this process the joy of יהוה filled my heart and permeated every cell with peace of such magnitude, that even as I watched the tar-colored storm clouds gather on the horizon as if in battle formation, I felt no fear and was not shaken.

Upon awakening I opened Psalm 132 and found in verse 5:

“Until I find a place for יהוה, A dwelling place for the Mighty One of Jacob!”

The word for dwelling place in Hebrew is משכן – Mishkan. However, in the Hebrew Bible it’s plural – משכנות – so it should read “dwelling places for the Mighty One of Jacob!”

Also the last verse of Psalm 132 describes the crown that יהוה will give to David as צוץ – Tzutz- which means to blossom, shine or sparkle!

This corresponds to what I was shown, as the Word of יהוה confirms that He desires to make dwelling places in each and everyone’s hearts. Consider this an invitation to welcome in the Holy One of Israel!