A Dream of Nations


A Dream of Nations

I’ve never had a dream that repeated itself twelve times in one night! I was watching the eyes of the L-rd patrol the Arab people, and in particular He was focused on Saudi Arabia and UAE. His Spirit was entering the homes of individuals and families, breathing on their faces, and each time He would breathe on them, I felt heat on my face too!

When I asked Him about the people in Gaza, He showed me those who were holding the remaining Israeli hostages. The terrorists were huddled in darkness with masks over their faces that the breath of G-d didn’t reach. I only saw the shadows of the hostages, but there were some Arabs in Gaza whom the L-rd was breathing on.

Next I was pouring cereal into a bowl in the kitchen, while holding a little boy from China with shiny black hair and eyes. He slipped out of my arms while trying to grab the cereal, but managed to hang from his armpit over the kitchen counter. Then he fell to the floor with a loud thump but he didn’t cry or even make a sound. I considered picking him up, but from the floor, he just stared up at me with steel cold eyes locked on me. I didn’t know what to do with him, so I woke up, then promptly returned to sleep.

A small Russian boy with dirty clothes and a mud smeared face was facing east with a torn map in his hands. He was sad because a series of earthquakes had devastated his land, thus bringing all his plans to a halt.

The 24th of Shevet