A Dream – The Balkans


As I listened to the breathing of the world, I noticed that it was becoming more labored. So I continued to listen and felt like the air quality of the earth was being changed. Then the L-rd gently spoke, bringing correction. It’s not the air quality but the air quantity that is changing. I never heard this before and was rather surprised. But as I continued to wait on the L-rd I saw a large woman towering over what looked like Europa. She was wearing the native costume of the Balkans. And then I heard the marching of boots and the sounds of war.

Actually, I didn’t know where the woman in the ornate costume was from, but as I was writing down this dream, her region – the Balkans – suddenly came to me, so I did a quick search and found a photo of a woman in the traditional Balkan clothing. This was exactly what I saw!

The wind outside suddenly began to pick up speed and rush through the Galilee as I was listening carefully to the Ruach – the wind and the Spirit. And I heard this –

A short time of reprieve is coming when things will seem to return to normal. People will forget the season of quarantine and return to the frantic pursuit of making money, along with catching up on all kinds of entertainment and distractions. Even some in ministry who didn’t use this season wisely will become distracted. And I saw that during the coming season of a return to “normal” life, a spirit of delusion was allowed to breathe on the world.

We are living in Isaiah 8 days. Breathe and prophecy over these dry bones. The people walking in darkness here in the Galilee will begin to awaken and see a great light…

After sharing this dream, a friend said that the picture of the Balkan bride I was given is one who is dressed for the harvest!

This dream from April, 2020 initiated the series of dreams about Poland and even led to our recent journey to Poland. The themes of BREATHE and THE BALKANS has returned so strongly in recent days, so I’m submitting this for prayer…