A Dream – The Child


A Dream – The Child

I received a patchwork of pieces of news to be sewn together like a quilt:

There were many swimmers and scuba divers off the coast of the UK. In a close-up view of London, I saw many swimmers crossing the River Thames toward the Parliament buildings. Some of the spies were Israeli, some American, but many others were from various nations that ended with Stan. And in a final close-up of the airplane crew that had no idea of its role in the grand finale, the captain announced that he was from New Zealand.

Minnesota appeared again. This time I saw more clearly into the northern regions and west of there into Alberta, where the many hiding places had been prepared in advance.

On a small island in the Caribbean Sea, a map had been prepared. It was hanging on the wall as if in disguise as an old-time antique pirate map, but in reality, this was to be used today to decipher the location of “the child”. I slowly climbed the stairs to where the child was sleeping, not suspecting to actually see a child because there was no one in the house. So why would there be a child in an empty house?

Yet even before I approached its room, I could hear its heartbeat, pounding out a rapid, abnormal arrhythmia that would’ve sent anyone else to the hospital. But for this child it was normal. The only color I could see in its room was a mottled burgundy that was desperately trying to emulate the royal color of rich purple but failed miserably. The curtains hanging in the room were oily black to keep all light out.

Then I realized that this was an ancient entity that could manifest itself as a young child or as a charming male figurine, almost like a statue of a golden Oscar trophy. It was rising up rapidly and its plans were clearly nothing but evil. I heard its plans several times and then desperately wanted to wake up, while at the same time, continue to dream so that I could see what would happen next.

And when at last I heard that its final plan was to take over the Heavens, all the lights on the ship began to flash with great intensity until I actually saw the border of insanity and knew I had to wake up immediately before I crossed over into the other side. Upon awakening I was shaking from the coldness in my room…

Upon awakening I saw the lineage of the many Dutch people who were joining us to eradicate the thick darkness over Israel. They were descendants from the Black Dutch who had long ago immigrated to the Netherlands from Spain and Portugal during the Inquisitions. And I knew the cycle had come full circle for closure and retribution.