A Poem of Timing


A Poem of Timing

Some people do

What they say they’ll do

While others drop out

And they haven’t a clue

How their actions might shut down

Or cause a delay

In the timing of movement

In life’s ballet

When we’re called out

On assignments to go

We have the option

To say yes or no

And if we miss out

There’s no room to pout

No reason to shout

And no place for doubt


If you had a word to go

To a certain strategic place

But one who was called before you

Had to be replaced

The word you heard might not occur

For a disobedient saboteur

Caused a shift in time

A redefine

In the unseen world

That’s more real

Than what you feel


So rest in the firm embrace

Of the One who shines His face

Upon you every day

Knowing His higher way

Could bring unexpected events

To unfold or create a fence

So banish anxiety

Cease whining

Fulfillment depends

On divine timing