A Summary of Sapir


A Summary of Sapir

Praise Adonai for the Prayer-Walk in Sapir – it was a most amazing time in the Spirit with the boots-on-the-ground team of eight along with the Altar of Prayer and Global Watch intercessors. We were welcomed to the area by believers who live in Sapir, which is significant because it honored the protocol of the Indigenous Peoples. The Scriptures about Sapphire – Sapir – were relevant to our prayer-walk.

We felt thoroughly covered as we listened together for Adonai’s plans and then moved to three sites to accomplish His purposes. The witches plan to gather in Sapir soon to initiate more witches, send them out “to bring hope” and open portals, calling for ancient deities to enter Israel. Repentance, trust and compassion for the lost were our keys.  We can’t afford another October 7, which could happen as a result of their demonic activities.

The presence of the Father was definitely palpable to issue a stern yet caring warning to those who defile the Land with witchcraft and lure others to do the same. The Millstone was declared and all was sealed by building an altar, taking Communion together on site and enthroning Yeshua as King over this gate, not allowing the enemy to take possession of it any more.

We and many of the online intercessors, whose prayers had a huge impact, sensed that the “portal” was closed and sealed as יהוה was enthroned as King over that gate.

May we always hear the voice of יהוה so that we can carry out His assignments, not ours, and then watch and wait for Him to move in our midst…

May 9, 2024