A Vision: Whirlwinds on the border


Small whirlwinds appeared on the northern border of Israel. They began to spread to the other borders as well, but the focus was on the North.

Then Adonai drew my attention to the place where the whirlwinds touched the land, and I saw swirling up from the land these three things:

  1. Sounds of worship music in every tongue
  2. A rich, deep purple indigo color
  3. A fragrance that was the color of indigo

When the incursion began these whirlwinds started to swirl on the northern border from houses of prayer there. And I had the strong impression not to run the opposite direction, but to go up to worship Adonai in the North.

In the countries that surround us in Israel, I saw that deep indigo color hovering over the homes of Muslims who’ve been searching for the truth. This color was also waiting for the border invaders, to arrest some of them in their tracks. This particular palette of indigo is so rich and deep that it’s even palpable and speaks to the heart.

Suddenly I was in great awe of the goodness of our G-d as this is how He even treats our enemies. And of course He reminded me that the whole point of the Psalm 83 chastening is, “So that they will know that You alone, whose name is the L-rd, are the Most High over all the earth.”

Psalm 83:18