A Word – A Frail Foundation


As we travel on what feels like a runaway train with no hope of turning back, I was given a word of encouragement that there are things that we can do to participate in the fall of the kingdom of darkness.

I saw intercessors who faithfully pray for Israel and the nations standing watch over a deep, dark pit that was waiting for its solid foundation to be poured so that it could establish its kingdom and grow strong from that place.

As the prayer warriors declared Scripture, deep fissures and chasms suddenly opened wide in the pit. Then as they watched over the pouring of the concrete foundation and continued to declare the Word of יהוה, the mixture of sand, stone and water in the premixed concrete began to separate in their sight. This made the foundation frail and unstable.

And then I saw that more strategies will be given as lawlessness continues to rise up and manifest.

13.9.23 The 30th anniversary of the Oslo Accords