A Word: A New Chewing Gum

The level of murderous threats and violent attacks will increase as the power within the man of lawlessness manifests. Shortly before October 7, he took a deeper step into his own abyss in order to unleash one of his most ancient dreams, which is the complete annihilation of the Jewish people.

As he continues to develop new sorceries with his closest network of followers, such as the manipulation-minded media, power-hungry politicians and the pharmaceutical pythons, he’s decided to expand his kingdom to the cavity-creating candy corporations by tempting innocent children to buy his newest products.

I saw the overnight addition of a new chewing gum at the checkout counters of most convenience stores. Its tempting packaging, fiery red and yellow stripes and hot cinnamon flavor became wildly popular among young people.

The gum was quickly approved by the FDA, which the man of lawlessness also oversees. I was shown that this gum releases a “natural” substance that slows down the reflexes, bringing a sense of relaxation, even peace, which is one reason why it’ll become so addictive. But the gum also contains mild hallucinogenic compounds that very subtly create an attitude of submissive rebellion. That sounds like an oxymoron but it’s all about new sugary “fun” treats becoming available to young people, who will submit to the rebellion.