A Word: Another Way Down the Mountain

A Word: Another Way Down the Mountain

I awoke hearing, “You need to find another way down the mountain.” Then I saw our troops were stuck in a place of potential ambush. The only clear escape route that lay before them seemed to be the main road going down the hill, but there was a long line of vehicles and soldiers on foot waiting to descend. As they’d move downhill, they were an easy target for the enemy, so intercessors began to pray for G-d to send His Spirit of creativity upon the soldiers, so that they could find alternative ways down the mountain.

As we prayed, many alternative routes, methods and strategies suddenly appeared in our thoughts. The ones for my troops became highlighted to their commander while the ones for other intercessor’s troops became highlighted to their leaders. The battle was personal yet corporate, and with the realization put into action that there’s always “another way down the mountain”, the battalions moved forward.

Falling back asleep I dreamt of walking through a region of vast destruction, first in Gaza and then in southern Jerusalem’s Abu Tor and Talpiot districts. The skies were mottled gray and dust hung in the air like a thick mantle. Two religious men ran by looking for the ashes but they were running the wrong way, so I called out to turn them around. They were involved in the preparation of the daily sacrifice, which would soon begin…