A Word for America

A Word for America

While driving through Houston, I suddenly heard it’s all just going to stop. But then it will start again. And then it will stop again and go back-and-forth like a sputtering car that can’t make up its mind whether to live or die.

The people of South Africa have gotten accustomed to the electricity coming and going. Learn from them.

As the hand of G-d falls on America, many will become faint and lose heart, but those who have the spirit of Issachar will stand strong and the light that shines from you in the coming great darkness will be so bright, that many will see and fear and choose the narrow path.

Your Goshen will become a reality and the times and seasons will change unexpectedly. And I saw that those who honor the Leviticus 23 Feasts of יהוה will even walk on stormy seas yet find their peace.