A Word – The Stethoscope


Last night when we were listening to G-d during a discipleship class that Richard leads, I heard this and believe it was another encouraging word for the Prophetic Artists Journey.

I was in my room in my hometown, where I used to play nurse with my stuffed animals and dolls. I treated them as patients in the hospital but this time Yeshua was there with me. I’d never seen that before.

Suddenly I was on the streets of Jerusalem near City Hall, watching people walk by and I sensed Adonai say “I’m going to show you the deep wounds and sorrow that My people carry on their backs like heavy baggage. Even people who confidently strut about town, arrogant people – I’ll show you their wounds, also those who’ve been abused and suffer from trauma. Playing hospital will take on a new meaning as you listen and give words to people who need to hear a message from My heart.”

And I clearly heard, “Bring My stethoscope to their ears so they can hear My heartbeat…”

Then I saw a black cloud roll into the city and everything stopped.