An Ode to an Eclipse


An Ode to an Eclipse

While standing at the entrance

Of a most unusual gate

I couldn’t help but notice

The increase in strife and hate

A perfectly choreographed dance

With nothing left to chance

Ringlets of ribbon on fire

Demanding each eye view higher

Looking for chinks in the armor

Or a hoe in the hand of a farmer

Yet every crime was forged and sealed

Leaving one thought to be revealed

Stages are set by the hands of men

And fates are sealed with the stroke of a pen

But no one can align the planets

Or move the moon and stars

So perhaps we should pay attention

To the brightest Morning Star

He’s speaking from the Heavens

Do you have ears to hear?

If so you’ll find there’s nothing

That you will need to fear

For He holds the earth in the palm of His hand

His eyes upon her walls

Engraved with love for Jerusalem

And her ancient city walls