Be Our Hanukkah Light – A Poem

Be Our Hanukkah Light

While listening intently
Many waters rushed by
The Spirit inhaled
And expired a great sigh

That filled the whole world
With wonder and shock
As cells multiplied
That were built on the Rock

Flourishing flocks
In the fields of His hand
Nourished and grafted in
Called forth to stand

In the furnace of suffering
We haven’t a clue
What we’ll do with near nothing
When the last days roll through

Then I heard those great waters
Waiting to speak
For just the right time
Till one sprung a leak

That went its own way
To start a new flow
Away from the Source
Look at that glow!

Appealingly easy
Independently queasy
Like playing a cello
With a bow made of jello!

And a new voice emerged
Controlling and cruel
Fat sheep were empowered
To herd and to rule

At first many followed
The new world odor
Detecting no stench
Nor hearts growing colder

Till the faithful hand
That once wrote on a wall
Drew a line in the sand
And began to install

A great love for His people
Tortured and caged
By the ravenous nations
That taunted and raged

How long, Oh L-rd
In the darkness we grope
With barely a whisper
Of Your great hope

Oh give us a new heart
And a new pair of ears
To hear Your voice alone
That will calm all our fears

Be our Hanukkah light
When no oil can be found
Let Your waters rush by
Cleansing the ground

Removing the groan
And the leaders from hell
Raise up Your Throne
Where Your presence will dwell!

Be our Hanukkah light
In the dark of the night
Be our Hanukkah gift
As we enter the shift

Be our Hanukkah Shamesh
That lights our light
As we take a deep breath
For the final flight
And gaze at Your beauty
And Your glorious Might!

חג חנוכה 🕎 שמח!