Dream: A Walk


I was trying to keep up with a young woman who was determined to get home ASAP. We’d missed the final bus because while waiting inside the bus stop, the last bus flew by.

As we walked the scenery changed from the desert to an icy wilderness. I was grateful there was no slush but it was firmly packed snow and not slippery. Because the sidewalk was narrow, I chose to walk in the road but not for long due to the high build up of snow from the snow plow. To the right below us was a stunning view of jagged rocks, jutting out from a wind tossed sea. Some were covered with ice and snow – a beautiful yet desolate sight!

At one point we had to climb down through giant tree limbs that were tangled in a pattern that resembled DNA. A branch broke under the woman, almost causing her to fall head first but she aptly caught herself and continued down the tree to the ground.

Then we were walking through what seemed to be a major city that had been abandoned. However upon closer inspection we realized the city was full of life but unrecognizable due to the presence of computer parts hanging from apartment buildings, street lights and surprisingly even hanging from people! The area looked like a war zone, with buildings partially bombed out. Wires and blinking lights dangled from the walls around the apartment windows and doors and entry areas. Some people cautiously began to leave their homes to go outside but they seemed to be frightened, unsafe, continually looking behind their shoulders.

These apartment buildings were on the left side only and to the right was an overhanging platform. Looking down into it we saw soldiers helping people on to trains. Again computer parts and dangling wires hung from the train doors and windows. It looked like a giant experiment gone wrong!

I awoke pondering this dream and didn’t see the point of writing it down, but it lingered so I knew it had to be written.

1. Interpretation:

Our way through the times may have seemed to have been straightforward & plain (desert) but times moving forward are more perilous, and this calls for attention to how we walk (live out our life) in the Lord. We need to pay attention to hidden dangers, not readily apparent without discernment (ice beneath snow, icy cliffs revealed in beauty).

We cannot rush ahead (take bus) but proceed with care. Who we are and what we do spiritually will determine whether we stand or fall (tree like DNA, fall/saved).

The wisdom of this world is abundant everywhere but is shallow (homes filled with fear). Most worldly wisdom is flowing through social media (computer, wires, hanging everywhere). The enemy’s instruments will sway many this way (soldiers/train).

Col 2:6-8 As therefore you received Messiah Yeshua, the L-rd, walk in him, rooted and built up in him, and established in the faith, even as you were taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving. Be careful not to allow anyone to captivate you through an empty and deceptive philosophy, according to human tradition, according to the elementary principles of the world, and not according to Messiah.

2. Interpretation from a friend from MIT:

This dream to me is the sudden realization of people that AI and cyborg customization is destructive. It allows for life only in one way or one side of the street. I hope these videos I’m sending don’t scare you but will help you see the importance of these times. We have less time.