Dream Before Impact


Dream Before Impact

The launch pad was prepared and the missile stood tall, its owners fully confident of their target. But then, to their horror, red handwriting appeared on the missile that spelled out “The Blood of the Lamb”.

The owners entered into a state of panic, seeking refuge in their prepared safe places that suddenly turned into cardboard shacks, woefully inadequate for shelter. And their hearts melted within.

Meanwhile word was released that the projected path of the missile was a certain city. Some prepared to flee but soon the traffic jam came to a complete halt.

Everyone knew they had very little time left so the question was what to do in those final moments. Those who follow Messiah rose up, literally clothed in peace, declaring why they were at rest, while those who feared death looked upon them in amazement and desired to be just like them.

My daughter Deborah picked up the fallen bridal veil and after placing it on her head, she began to dance so beautifully. The veil had a long, white, sheer fabric, with pink ribbons cascading from the crown that were surrounded by shimmering pearls.

Just before impact many of the redeemed of the L-rd suddenly translated to another realm, either into the Heavenly Kingdom or to another place on earth.

I found myself in a pharmacy, measuring oil into amber glass vials, then carefully sealing each one with a tightly sealed lid. The vials were labeled so that some could be distributed outside in the park in Berlin across the street from the area where the Israeli flags were flying. Other vials were to be given to individuals from many nations who carried them in pouches. Those who passed the vials to people in need sang songs of the hope of glory.

The atmosphere was heavy yet glorious and the believers who were outside before impact stood bravely before masses of people who had no peace. The light that shone on the faces of those who knew where they were going emanated peace like a river of hope and many who saw this were immediately transformed by the renewing of their minds by this spiritual service of worship in the three cities that had been designated for destruction, one on the East Coast, another on the West Coast with one in the middle.

I returned to sleep and two hours later awoke from a similar dream.

18.11.23 @3AM & 5AM