Dream – It’s All About the Blood


Dreams and visions passed through my thoughts, some absolutely terrifying while others showed pockets of refuge and comfort. Painful scenes were in abundance as most everyone lost loved ones while at the same time Kingdom builders rose up from the ashes to create beauty that had never been seen before.

Rocks were falling from the sky and the seas were stirred up. The intensity of the storms on earth increased and at one point a scene exactly like this one from a recent dream replayed in my mind like a movie clip:

The state of Georgia was battered by a huge storm from the sea, and there was a lot of damage along the coastline. Many families fled the area, but one older African American woman chose to stay and wait out the storm. Her family was extremely worried about her safety, but she knew that G-d was watching over her. I was watching the storm from above and could see that the storm was the fiercest around this woman’s house. And yet she and her property sustained no damage while there was huge devastation all around her, because the heart of the storm was the fiercest in her area.

“It’s all about the blood” was heard throughout the dream, while “scientists” conducted illegal experiments, or when microscopic animals began to appear in blood vessels, and especially when the Lion roared. “It’s all about the blood of the Lamb.” And the picture of the lamb superimposed over the heart that a friend who’s a cardiac nurse, showed me was pulsing and alive. Yes, it’s time for her message to be revealed.