Dream of a Wedding on the Battlefield


Dream of a wedding on the battlefield

I had dreams of war all night. In the first dream I saw enemy forces invade like a giant upside down V with the tip advancing first. A small group of us escaped through the dense woods, but our direction was rather strange – fleeing to the northwest! But soon we were surrounded by gunfire and I awoke.

In the second dream I had a hidden room prepared. And I felt some safety in Isafiya, so wondered if Kehilat HaCarmel was storing food and water. Again I awoke and then fell asleep, dreaming about large trucks entering the city with huge bales of hay and sandbags while army jeeps patrolled the streets. All was relatively calm, but we knew that was going to change any day.

Then the armed forces arrived, yet in the midst of the war, I found a wedding hall and entering in, offered to help. I was blowing up balloons and preparing trays of cheese and fruit. When we heard knocking on the window, we laid low, because no one would knock there to enter in. Then knocking came on the door, so I checked the peep-hole but no one was there. Deception and danger were everywhere. The wedding took place, and suddenly the bride and groom were whisked away to another place.

Someone began to wash the dishes, and I was to rinse them. But after rinsing the white porcelain pitcher, it turned black with grime in the clean water! So the man who was drying the dishes recognized that it was time to flee. So we all dispersed into ancient European alleyways.

After running and hiding along the way, I began to make Scriptural proclamations against the enemy, who was a tall, dark haired, almost too handsome man, dressed in brilliant white clothing.

Then I awoke hearing Adonai say, ”I will salt the words I give you from now on.”