Dream of Ears and Feet


Dream of Ears and Feet

While waiting at a doctor’s office for treatment, we had the option of visiting a woman who practiced folk medicine. I chose to visit her and she offered two kinds of treatment for me.

One was for my ears. To make it easier to hear more clearly, she recommended putting baking soda in each ear. Immediately I thought to warn others not to put vinegar in their ears after the baking soda or else they’d have a small volcanic eruption from their ears!

The other treatment was to sew a tiny white button in the heel of my right foot, but this quickly became a source of irritation.

After the treatment we went to a park for a meeting. The seating arrangements were rather unusual as we were given the option of sitting on the ground or laying down inside roughly textured wooden feeding troughs. I choose the feeding trough which was surprisingly comfortable.

My foot became inflamed from the “treatment” of the button so I carefully removed it. When others saw this, they removed their buttons themselves while others asked for help in removing theirs.

And then I had a picture of us walking in the desert south of the Dead Sea. We visited Jo-Jo’s metalworking studio and came out of his furnace like white butterflies.