Dream of Food Changes


Dream of Food Changes

While searching for a gift in a store, I was drawn to shelves of brightly colored wrapping paper. I considered buying some but then noticed that they were edible and each color had a different flavor.

At the checkout counter the clerk, an older lady, was eating ice cream. Suddenly I had to leave the store but returned the next morning. There I noticed that the clerk’s carton of ice cream had been left open on the counter all night; yet it hadn’t melted but was still frozen.

Later we entered a high school where lunch was being served. The meals resembled spaghetti sauce with pasta and cheese but the sauce was actually red wax, the cheese was a white powdered substance and the pasta was derived from cardboard.

Afterwards I went to Texas to see friends at a congregation. After the meeting where they taught about the Third Temple, they offered a huge buffet of elegant cakes and desserts. As I watched the people cut and serve their own portions, I noticed that as soon as the “food” touched their plate, it became white rice. However most didn’t see this and instead delighted in devouring their desserts!

Upon awakening I decided to wait on the Heavenly food and even now I’m calling on Adonai to release the manna just as He called us to do in Little Egypt in September, 2021.


A similar dream “Harvest Light” was given in May, 2020: