Dream of Portals


Dream of Portals

Children from the East Coast were training to sail on what resembled scooters over the sea. The adults were too afraid to ride the scooter-sailboats but the children took delight in them. Suddenly one by one the children disappeared!

Next after hearing what was happening on the southern coast of England, we quickly traveled to that place. After arriving, we came to a trail that either went up to where the houses were on the cliffs or down to the sea. We felt led to go down to the sea, although both views were gorgeous. There was a huge mansion on the right that had ornate carvings on it which my British friend called, “Simply stunning!”

There were palm and Palmetto trees growing in the fields, which made me wonder if we were really in southern England.

Then we saw what we came for – clear, yellow lights that were launched up over the sea. We watched in amazement as one by one these lights were launched, and when I realized that they were portals, I moved in closer. Matt had also come to observe the lights.

We couldn’t find the launch pad because this was not a human effort, so we walked with much gratitude as we realized that Adonai was launching them as a sign and a wonder so that when the time would come, people could travel from one side of the sea to the other.