Dream of San Francisco


Dream of San Francisco

San Francisco was standing in a time gate. Small boats were whizzing about in the bay, to store or to pick up food from refrigerators that were like buoys, bobbing in the bay water. The food was mainly chopped vegetables for instant Chinese cuisine that was preserved in baggies.

When the basketball game began in town, people flooded the stadium with glee. But when the sirens were sounded, everyone put their phones on silent so that no one would be bothered with “the noise.” My phone was not on silent and every time the sirens went off, people would give me dirty looks as if it was my fault. Finally someone grabbed my phone and turned the volume off.

Right afterwards I received a note that all the basketball needles were lost and the factory that made them was no longer producing them. Therefore the game was coming to an end.

We watched the steady decline of the behavior of children in particular as violent crimes rose in the area and mental health issues soared. A woman in white and I walked the city streets, praying for a return to purity. When we returned to the place we were staying, a small mob had gathered to kick us out of town, but two very tall guards came, giving us time to climb up the light brown carpeted stairs and we immediately left the area.

The last thing I saw before leaving, was a crippled, hunched over San Francisco, sitting in a wheelchair, about to be rolled into the chamber of the Judge of the Earth.

Upon awakening I didn’t want to journal this dream, but it kept playing in my head over and over until I finally recorded it.