Dream of The Restaurant


Dream: The Restaurant

After the great war, a wonderful couple I know opened a restaurant. Everyone thought it was a crazy idea, but they knew this was what they were called to do. While it was still under construction, we went there to see how we could help. The outside of the building definitely didn’t resemble a restaurant as the building had been riddled with bullet holes and it was in very bad condition on the outside.

The entrance was a hole in the wall but once inside, it was literally a shelter from the storm. On the right side in a little alcove people were singing karaoke songs. The area was painted blue, dotted with glittering golden stars. Children were waiting to take their turn to sing to the people and everyone cheered them on, much to their delight.

The next area was a little secondhand shop with clothing and household items. We were chopping vegetables as people who were covered with dust shuffled in to take their seats. Their faces revealed no emotion at all, which of course meant they had been deeply traumatized.

While looking out the window, I noticed that the area surrounding this building was also devastated after the massive missile attacks. The rainy season had just come to an end, so the craters where missiles had fallen created little ponds all around the building. There were little fish swimming in these ponds.

At the end of the day the one train that was still running, came by to drop off vegetables, which we quickly carted inside. The restaurant was the final station so from there, the engine on the other side of the train pulled away and returned to where it came from. The owner and several young men dragged long pieces of rebar into a corner of the building to strengthen its walls. Then they went to sleep in the building because they needed to watch over it night and day. Their suffering was tremendous but their dedication to the people was deeply moving and inspiring to many.

While pondering this dream, I realized that it took place in both Israel and Georgia…

5:55AM on 3.2.24
The 24th of Shevet