Dream on a Windy Plain


Dream on a windy plain

After a sweet meeting with our in-laws, we knew that everything was prepared and in place  in Israel. Fast forward in time to when we arrived in Denver at the couple who was hosting us, there were four women, powerful intercessors whom I greeted one by one. Each one was like the Magi, bearing gifts for our sons’ ministry that we were to carry home.

Previously there were seven of us in a colder place up north who gathered on a windy plain to seek the L-rd. We all wore Russian babushka style hats which looked ludicrous but they kept us warm. Several times I wanted to turn on the heater but remembered that we were outside! It was a highly strategic time in the north just before war broke out in the West. And I saw Highway 7 get bombed but woke up with a strong sense of foreboding. And I heard that Hwy 7 is in the north as well as the King’s Highway.


Later I found this!