Dream on the Island


Dream on the Island

I realized that I must have caught the wrong bus when we took the fork in the road that climbed up higher than the normal road. At this point it was too late to get off the bus as we were in line to board the ferry that would take us to the nearby islands. I remember wondering if we were in the Greek islands but everybody had British accents, so I thought it must be a British island. I was sitting near a couple who were returning to their home with lots of bags of little articles for sale. They owned a shop on the island. When I mentioned that I boarded the wrong bus, but it was too late to turn back, they offered a little room for me to stay in. Then they looked at each other, a bit worried and said that I could help them with a group that was coming to visit them. But this was a group of Israelis and they weren’t sure how I felt about that. But when I told them, אני גם ישראלית – I’m also Israeli, they were delighted and upon arrival, they gave me the little stone cottage on their property.

After entering the little cottage with its magnificent view of the ocean, I wondered what I’d do all day. And then I heard the L-rd say, “Spend time with Me.” So I did and it was a time of deep restoration after suffering great sorrow.

And suddenly the memory returned of previous dreams of walking across Europe during a time of deep darkness after the fires. Just before awakening, I saw a little calendar hanging on the wall in my cottage. The year was 2027 and I’d walk and sometimes translate from England to Cyprus and then home.

Micah 4 came to mind, especially “Arise and thresh, daughter of Zion”