Dream: Peace in the Midst of Panic


Dream: Peace in the Midst of Panic

Living in Southern California was becoming like life in Bavaria, Germany, just before Hitler rose to power. The torture and slaughter of children had become unbearable so the Cohen family decided it was time to leave.

Everything was packed in the baby stroller, and Devora Cohen with her long, jet black hair put the finishing touches on preparing her family for the move. I remember seeing three Jewish believers who are dear friends in the background.

When the time came, there was much activity in the physical and also in the spirit realm. People had their free train passes ready. Devora traveled with everyone toward the main station but at the last second she decided to exit the train at the second to last station. The only problem was, after her exit on to the busy, crowded street where people were in a state of panic, she wasn’t sure in which direction to walk because there were three options before her. She feared asking for directions because of her accent so she choose to walk on the road where a huge herd of sheep and goats were climbing up a steep hill. The area around that street reminded me of Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, where we used to live while in Bavaria.

A third woman with long, jet black hair was one of the main decision-makers of the new government that was attempting to control every aspect of life. This woman rose to power quickly and was just about to receive glory for her “stunning achievements” but on the day that Devora fled, this leader arose from her office chair and began to walk toward her final goal of launching a new level of evil when her body suddenly became contorted like an out of control machine, arms flailing, feet dysfunctional, hair flying about. It was like she was in mechanical failure as her movements were not human. Then she flipped over in the air and fell flat on her face. Those around her raced over to help but she was already dead. This began to happen to others who were part of a repackaged “Final Solution” only of course it wasn’t called that. Utter fear struck other leaders and many more fell to their demise. This increased the level of panic among the leaders and those who were fleeing.

And yet a third category of people who were living like Daniel in Babylon continued to pray toward Jerusalem every day. The look on their faces was without fear, but instead exuded peace in the midst of the panic.

From the air I noticed a deep chasm that suddenly appeared in the region between Los Angeles and San Diego. There was no passing between the two places anymore, so San Diego wasn’t as affected by the invasion. While hovering over LA, I heard many Russian and Chinese speaking people. A deep chasm in the land also occurred outside San Francisco.  
The two sisters of Ezekiel 16 came to mind.