Dream: The City of David


At the end of my dream, I tried to do a U-turn to get back on the highway to drive to the exit I had missed for a concert where I was to sing Ha Tikvah.
Suddenly I saw a deep pit of sand and stone that resembled a quarry. Many people were walking out of the pit, ascending straight up the walls like ants. A young woman with long, curly red hair walked straight up the wall effortlessly.

After awakening the picture of the pit continued as I saw a huge horned snake (is there such a thing?) with pale red and yellow ringlets around its body. It was slithering nearby but then disappeared and later I caught glimpses of it.

Then I was in the pit, holding hands with my daughter Deborah, leading her up and out of the pit. Somehow I also held hands with my other children plus more and more people, but I was holding all their hands at the same time! Then I realized that my shoulder had sprouted new arms and I had countless hands, as many as needed to escort people up and out. Nearby I saw others with multiple hands leading people up and out of the pit.

I fell asleep and the dream continued. The deep pit/quarry I was in was The City of David! An underground train station had just been completed in Jerusalem to bring people to the site.

Cameramen were everywhere, rushing up and down the steps, following the people into The City of David. And I saw the night watch policeman, who had been quietly sitting, watching in all directions, but then he began to growl. He took the cake he had been given and divided it 12 ways. After giving a piece of cake to 12 ambassadors, I realized that this cake was dangerous, and the watchmen became the enemy. Fortunately, G-d raised up many more watchmen, who are faithful and true and who came to counter the fake watchmen.

After awakening and writing down the above, I sent it to a friend who’s an archeologist at The City of David. Immediately after sending it to her, I dropped my phone which fell behind the bed, but I couldn’t find it. So I had to launch an excavation, cleaning out the dirt and dust, getting a flashlight, getting my husband to help, calling the phone about 10 times before we finally found it, hidden in a crevice!

Afterwards, my daughter Deborah shared her dream from last night with me – about rescuing descendants of King David!

Interpretation of City of David dream:

The U-turn you took was to the City of David. You were to sing “Hatikva” there and you did indeed sing a special song there on Pentecost for real – “Avinu Malkenu” for the first time in 2000 years on top of the Gihon Spring!

Next to the place where you sang is the pit with the sand and stones we saw. Something changed in the spirit there, and people started getting saved and many got delivered. The snake leaving the City of David represented the enemy leaving there. Many people getting saved and knowing Yeshua speaks of a time that it will be very busy there! That’s why you’ll need lots of hands, to help escort people out of the darkness into the light.  Zion became very busy and maybe the railway station is a timeline that shows when. They are building everywhere in Israel to prepare for the people soon to come home.

The nightwatchmen represented security, which was divided 12 ways but dangerous. G-d is putting new security there with people who are faithful and true.

This is an incredible dream, especially considering that we were in the City of David for real four days after this dream!