Dream – The Golan


The mobilization of the Golan entered into the next stage. There were already many bases and a strong military presence, but now the homes that had underground shelters that were dug long ago, were put to use. Listening devices were more sensitive and sophisticated than ever and even some campers had rooms deep underneath them that were dug long ago.

The camper I was staying in was very small and the tree growing next to it grew taller, while its roots grew deeper, wrapping themselves around the large underground shelter like the tentacles of an octopus.

Before moving into our assigned housing, mine being the little camper with a hidden clinic below, we met in a large hall. The blinds were drawn and we tuned into the listening devices. The chatter of war was everywhere and yet we knew that the timing was critical and that the enemy would try to rush in before his time. But the picture was clearly painted of the earthly battlefield where soldiers from both sides made their necessary preparations and gathered what they needed from the steady and plentiful supply lines.

At the same time I saw the heavenly soldiers of the army of the L-rd standing in formation, receiving their marching orders, unbeknownst to the earthly soldiers. And more portals than I’d ever seen before appeared over the Golan, from earth to Heaven and visa versa.

Delivery trucks were coming and going rapidly. To my camper they brought medical supplies and toys for the children. And then I was given my orders to care for the wounded and especially the children.

And then the waiting at this new level of red alert began. But I could already see over the horizon, the continued mobilization of both sides on earth as well as in Heaven. And of course the Prince of Persia was there, making his preparations under a smoke screen of stealth behind other seemingly unconnected events. But I saw him getting ready to strike and several others were watching and reporting on him too, much to his fury…