Dream – The Hacker


There was a massive movement of Israelis entering Jordan. I was among them with a couple who I know very well plus Rick Ridings was with us. At one point I needed to share some secret information, which I felt safe sharing with everyone, but there was one extra person with us who I didn’t know at all. However the couple and Rick vouched for him, so I shared information about a dream I’d had that referenced when we’d return to Israel.

Later at a hotel conference, this young man was the keynote speaker so I took a seat to hear what he had to say. Although he’s only 19 years old, he’s known as the artist, a hacker who has been expertly hacking into programs on behalf of some good people who work for the US government. And he’s not the only one. I was amazed at his genius and yet he addressed the audience just like a 19 year old, casual with lots of slang that kids use today. He kept watching me, almost like seeking my approval.

We were living in days when it was difficult to know who to trust. There were other young adults who were similar to this young man, who had also been released on missions.

One was a young woman, who seemed innocuous, who was traveling with some of the Israelis. At one point she put on her suicide belt and her death mission took the lives of many unsuspecting Israelis. So the IDF sent in troops to rescue many Israelis and bring them home.

Meanwhile the hacker completed his assignment to bury something like a time capsule in Jordan and then he needed to bury something similar in Israel. When he asked if I would go with him, I asked G-d and felt that I was supposed to accompany him. So we traveled together to the border. There we were treated like royalty, surprisingly escorted to the diplomat entry. I showed my passport and all he showed was his right hand. Of course I became very suspicious when I saw that. I’d always assumed that AI was for evil only, but I heard that it could also be hacked and harnessed for the benefit of others. Then I realized that the gift of discernment would need to reach a whole new level!

After entering Israel, we came to a place where the waters come together. I’d never seen such a convergence of four rivers like this. It was almost as if the waters were breathing, moving quietly in response to the breath from above. And the colors of the waters were indescribable, almost heavenly. I could hear the song of the waters as I walked about the long tayelet, a boardwalk of wooden slats near the water’s edge where lots of shops and restaurants flourished.

Suddenly I realized we were at First Station in Jerusalem and I needed to bring the artists on the Prophetic Artists Journey there.

Then I awoke with much gratitude for how G-d is leading us on this journey and the realization that things won’t always seem like the physical reality around us shows. So before this journey begins, we need to ask that our individual gifts of discernment be sharpened like a spear…