Dream: The Music


I was shown an area of Heaven I’d never seen before. Initially I perceived it as The Music Room but it’s beyond a simple room.

And then I saw some of this region but not all, including:

  1. The Music Field where crops of fresh food for the soul flourish
  2. The Music Storehouse where written music and recordings are preserved and the music was not only heard but also felt
  3. The Music Forest, where wells of melodies spring up from the land
  4. The Music Farm where barns overflow with the sounds of livestock and all creation praising the Holy One of Israel
  5. The Music Cultures where sounds of the nations emanate that have never been heard before
  6. The Musical Colors which reminded me of a vision.
  7. The Music Forum where musicians gather to share and learn and be inspired by one another

I’m praising Adonai for opening this whole new realm of Heaven and look forward to delving more deeply into more of what He wants to reveal to those who are seeking to worship Him in Spirit and Truth through the essential art and creative formats of music.