Dream: US soldiers in Gaza


Dream: US soldiers in Gaza

As the war effort in Gaza expanded, I saw how US soldiers became more involved in combat from house to house. But some of the more naive soldiers didn’t realize what kind of enemy they were dealing with.

In one scene a little Gazan boy came to American soldiers pleading for help, so naturally the good hearted Americans fell for this deception and entered a booby-trapped house that imploded immediately. One soldier from their unit didn’t enter the house because he’d been throwing up in a nearby alley but he witnessed the murder of his whole unit.

In the second scene a Gazan girl was used to lure American soldiers into an alley where they were immediately surrounded and mowed down. The lone surviving soldier said that one couldn’t distinguish between enemy soldiers and civilians, as the local combatants seemed to climb through holes in the wall and suddenly appear from nowhere.

I awoke pondering this dream and wished I could relay it to a commanding officer who could warn American units who are preparing for deployment into a people group that delights in a culture of fear, violence, deception and death. They must know that the spirit of Amelek doesn’t play by the rules…

Then I saw a fire of revenge fall on the American soldiers as they opened fire on every living being in the region. And then the trauma called Gaza hung on the Americans the same way it’s covered the Israelis, like a heavy mantle that’s hardened their wounded hearts.