Feed My Sheep: The Storehouse


A Journey Dream:

I heard the L-rd ask, “Do you want to come and see My storehouse?” Of course, I said yes. So He took me by the hand, and in an instant we were standing before a huge warehouse. As the door opened, He said, “There is no food shortage, but there is going to be a famine. This is where you will access food to feed My sheep.”

As we walked through, I marveled at the quality of the food, rich and satisfying and healthy, and in such great quantities that I couldn’t even see to the end of the storehouse.  But I knew it was there.

Then I asked Him, “How will I bring this to earth?” I was told to study what it means, “In Heaven and on earth.” Then I heard, “Scripture is not just words on paper or in your phone, but it’s living and active and sharper than a double edged sword.”

After returning from the storehouse, a thief came to try and steal what I’d been given. But with one look at him while shaking my right index finger at him, he ran away in fear. “This is how it will be,” I was told.

Then while walking on a long, straight and flat road that resembled a landing strip, I could see the two junctions up ahead. On the right side of the road after the second junction was a very large storehouse, but this one was on earth and clearly not a good place to be. The plan was to keep people locked up in that storehouse.

Nevertheless, I was alternatively walking and then riding my bike toward that facility, while others were walking away from it. I saw local Israeli friends, people from Luke 10, Fred and Susan, and many others. They were all walking away from the facility, but I was moving toward it.

However, as I drew closer to the facility, it seemed to be further away! Then I passed through a ghetto where many Africans and native peoples lived. They were despised and feared by the creators of the famine because they knew that the believers among them already understood the critical role they’d play in the coming days for the Kingdom of Heaven to come to earth. Sadly many engaged in witchcraft to achieve their goal but they didn’t succeed.

The displacement was inevitable as people continued to flee and seek food and shelter far from the cities and highways, moving up into the high places.