July 23rd, 2023


Urgent prayer request:

We were just about to send this prayer update when we had to rush our oldest daughter Deborah back to the ICU with a serious episode of DKA, diabetic keto-acidosis. She’s having trouble breathing and her blood sugars are dangerously high. Please pray for a miracle for her. It’s breaking our hearts watching her fight for her life…

New Series of Discipleship Classes

I admire Richard’s courage in sharing his story as he speaks of learning relational brain skills and the healing from anger it’s brought to him and to our family.

These skills are based on 3 ministries – Thrive Today, Luke 10 and Table & Well. We’re now sharing these skills with Israelis, believers and pre-believers, and we’re in awe of how Adonai is bringing healing to the broken hearted and the ability to discern the voice of Adonai through corporate listening.

We’d like to introduce you to Roger Wakim, a Spirit-filled Arab Christian who is the Prayer Coordinator at Tree of Life Israel. I’ve been working with him at the office lately to help with this essential work of sharing Messiah’s love with both Jews and Arabs in Israel. 

You can view his letter here.

Only Adonai can bring about such divine encounters, even while shopping at a thrift store. I am truly grateful for how He prepares the way so beautifully!


Initially this song and video were produced to encourage my pre-believing Israeli friends to read the TANACH, Old Testament. But they encouraged me to share it everywhere, so I hope it’s a blessing for you too!

Upcoming Journeys

In August Carolyn is returning to the Global Watch Summit in Herrnhut, Germany and then to Poland. A series of dreams has led us to prepare for a journey to Texas, Georgia and Florida in November. We have many dates open for Israel-friendly churches and home groups so we’d love to hear from you!

Persecution of Believers in Israel

After the second violent protest against followers of Yeshua during a worship evening, awareness among Haredim, Orthodox Jews, began to spring up as many were embarrassed by the behavior of their fellow Jews. I was called on to do an interview again with Israel365News whose writers are prophetic Orthodox Jews! It’s an honor that they want to include a Messianic perspective and, although we don’t agree on everything, my prayer is that there will be honest dialogue between all parties. When the editor asked me if I share the Gospel here in Israel, my immediate response was, “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of G-d for salvation to all who believe, to the Jew first and also to the Gentile.” His final comment after our interview was, “I’m so impressed with your desire to live your faith. I like that.”
May we all daily live out our faith in Messiah and shine for His glory!

For centuries we, as a nation, have proclaimed “We want a king!” We still don’t recognize that the solution to rampant corruption and the multiplying division in our midst is acknowledging that only Elohai Yisrael – אלוהי ישראל – the G-d of Israel is our King!

Thank you for joining us in praying for this revelation to enter the hearts of everyone in Israel!
Blessings in Yeshua’s love,
Carolyn and Richard of Heart of G-d Ministries