Prophetic Words and Dreams for Canada



Recently Adonai said, “I’m sending you somewhere completely unexpected.”
And He gave this word for the region from Isaiah 33:16 –
“He will dwell on the heights, his refuge will be the impregnable rock;
His bread will be given him, his water will be sure.”

Next Adonai highlighted Psalm 32:7 and led me on a word study in Hebrew:
“You are my hiding place; You keep me from trouble; You surround me with songs of deliverance. Selah.”
Then He spoke about the power of the Altar מִזְבֵּחַ – when people built an altar to G-d and called upon the name of the L-rd, they pitched their tents and lived there. Adonai often appeared, revealing secrets or making covenants with them. Suddenly I was shown Northern Lights and told to look up ALTAR and LIGHT. This was the only Scripture with both words in Psalm 118:27 –
“The L-rd is G-d, and He has given us light; Bind the festival sacrifice to the horns of the altar with cords.”
Then He stopped the word study and said, “Alberta and Saskatchewan are hiding places that, even when bound like prisoners in their own homes, they will build altars to Me and call upon My name. And I will answer them in their distress; I will appear to them and they will be pulled along with cords of My love. And when I become to them as one who lifts the yoke from their jaws and bends down to feed them, they will do the same for the people who seek hiding places and come to them for refuge in their region.”

Adonai said to find and wear the beautiful pendant that was gifted to me years ago by a dear friend. When He asked where this gem came from, I laughed upon reading that the primary site where Ammolite is mined is Alberta, Canada!
Ammolite comes from fossilized extinct nautilus shells, but it’s considered a biogenic true gem. There are only two other biogenic treasures like this – pearls and amber. My maiden name is Margolin, which means pearl. My mother’s maiden name is Bernstein, which means amber. Hmm…

One day while praying, I saw moose antlers and heard, “I am disarming your schedule and paving a way for you in a cold desert land.”

Another time while praying with a local Israeli-Canadian friend about the direction of this summer’s travels, she suddenly said “Go West!” I sensed this too but had been waiting for confirmation.

Another day while waiting to hear more about Canada, I heard, “There are many hidden Zechariah 1:21 artisan-warriors waiting to be activated. You will walk through walls with Me and again the portals within the Northern Lights are calling you. Suddenly I was flooded with gratitude as many necklaces were placed around my neck as a welcome was given. The First Nations connection will be pivotal. And after your return home, everything will change – again.” 14.3.24


The borders of many countries dissolved, and one could easily pass from one former nation to another. I saw a beautiful natural spring in Poland that was a haven for the resistance, but soon the man-made plagues infected them too. Money was dissolving and coins became useless. I was quietly assisting a kindly man who was helping families escape. Life had drastically changed and a rural area in northern Canada became a haven for diplomatic families who were sickened by the turn of events. Their homes were quaint on the outside but comfortable inside. Some had samovars and all had gardens and greenhouses that were untouched by the man-made plagues that were destroying the lives of millions.


We were invited to a wedding where I was asked to sing. While preparing the songs, I found Richard’s and my lost glasses. A group of believers came together and although they wanted to pray for healing, they said they didn’t have enough faith to pray like this, so we encouraged them. In Canada we shared with prophetic believers from around the world about the download Adonai was giving to the remnant in mostly isolated, rural regions, on islands and along coastlands to prepare for when the Jews come through. Suddenly others began to share similar visions they’d received of the coming great Aliyah!

DREAM – INTO CANADA – 16.11.17

I’ve had many dreams about fleeing from NYC into Canada. In this one it seemed to be springtime after a long, hard winter. A pastor and his wife welcomed me with whatever I needed. I kept returning to an area with a mix of beautiful Dutch-Belgium and French apartment buildings near battle-worn concrete bunkers, including the hospital. I kept moving between these two areas, observing hiding places and finding gaps. Then people came in to close those gaps. It was great teamwork! The pastor and his wife, who was short with large glasses and short brown hair, were pivotal in this mission.

At one meeting, Deborah, a dear friend was on the floor under a table. When the pastor pushed the table away, Deborah shook violently but then rose up for battle! Around Pesach things started to heat up. I kept hearing my song from Psalm 23 waft through the air.  (Recently my friend Deborah said she felt she had to join us in Canada this summer and shortly afterwards I just happened to find this dream from 2017 in my journal! Also, my Psalm 23 music video wasn’t ready until 2022! Adonai said this song would only be released during the time of the great war…)

Most people continued to pursue being entertained but soon it would be too late. Then I saw a sea of cars flooding the highways but soon the cars stalled while people on bikes passed by until the tanks rolled down the highways, flattening everything.  Again I visited Michael, the unusually tall pastor and his wife. I was about to request something but they anticipated everything, saying, “Whatever you need, it’s yours.”  When I awoke I knew that the details in this dream were extremely important to know…

Dream: The Storehouse
When I came upon this dream about a visit to a storehouse in Heaven, I sensed its relevance to the journey to Canada this summer, especially for this part: “They (The Africans and Indigenous Peoples) were despised and feared by the creators of the famine because they knew that the believers among them already understood the critical role they’d play in the coming days for the Kingdom of Heaven to come to earth.”