A new revolution was encouraged among the youth. A revolution of suicide became glorified because of its finality and this appealed to many due to hopeless despair over their future.

A young man literally watched his options drown – no chance of getting married, no education nor job prospects, no community of faith, and too much time alone on his phone.

So one evening he slid into a silicone canoe filled with oranges and weights on top of a kiddie slide at a water park. As he slowly poured water from a silver pitcher into the canoe, it began to slide into the water and he quickly handcuffed his hands to avoid a last chance escape. As he took his last breath, I awoke in a panic for his soul and heard “horned seal”.

As I pondered this dream, the word I heard two nights ago returned. I was just about to go to sleep when Adonai said to look up new movie trailers. This was surprising because I rarely watch movies.

But as I quickly perused the latest “offerings”, it was a shock to see titles and their accompanying photos that depicted horror and despair in such graphic terms! My first thought was how can this upcoming generation of youth enter into the fullness of life in Messiah when the main theme of their entertainment is a culture of death?!

And then I remembered how this especially affects young indigenous people who have such a high rate of suicide…

Suddenly a great passion rose up inside to reach these youth with the Gospel so that none would perish! And in the near distance, I could hear the heartbeat of the Father. His heartbeat became the rhythm of my song line…

And יהוה made a confession that sending me to the ends of the earth was actually His second choice. He’d previously asked others who were more qualified, but they refused to go. After all there wasn’t much of “an opportunity” to make money from such an assignment or advance their career as a new star. But then He said, “If you choose to go, I will qualify you quickly and you will come to understand the true meaning of “walk about” in terms of translation. And you will return home with experience in survival in the sea of the desert.