Second Dream of Portals


Second Dream of Portals

We were packing everything to move because it was time. Very few boxes were available so I had to leave behind a lot of stuff and put things in grocery bags. When I began to pack things from my antique desk, my sewing kit fell apart and the pieces were scattered. But I retrieved everything except one needle which I deliberately left behind because I knew someone else needed it.

The water bottles were filled and the food was packed. So we piled in the car and I drove to the East Coast with so many children that we couldn’t strap them in because we wanted to rescue as many as we could.

We made one pitstop and there I met up with an Arab Christian friend from Nazareth and the children she was rescuing. As she shared her story, I was surprised to hear that she grew up in North Carolina and her mother was Jewish!

When we all arrived at the coast, we moved our things onto boats. But due to the escalation of waves, huge waves of water that were rising up from the sea, my friend translated ahead to the south coast of England, while I stayed behind, sending all the children through the portal one by one. We all escaped just before the final blast and then I awoke.

As sometimes happens, I didn’t journal this dream but it played continuously in my head until I finally recorded it.


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