Strategy Room – The True and the Counterfeit


I discovered that there are two strategy rooms. I’ve been to the one in Heaven, and I love that place! All my heroes are there, continually making plans for a future and a hope for everyone who belongs to the Kingdom, including those who don’t know it yet. The stairs that lead to the Strategy Room are behind the Throne of Grace and it’s a beautifully constructed, yet humble wooden structure, huge but warm and inviting. I love to go there whenever I can, and I always learn and benefit from this place. It’s a place to flourish in the wisdom, knowledge and goodness of our King.

This morning I saw the counterfeit strategy room. I wasn’t allowed to get too close and at first my imagination kicked in as I wondered if it was a grizzly looking building with a moat with ferocious crocodiles creeping all around. But then I was given eyes to see it and it’s even more pathetic because it’s just a cold, steel-gray building that resembles a prison. It’s completely metal and concrete with bars on the windows. There is no wind in that place, no sound and definitely no joy. The only light there is a sickening grey-green. It’s completely desolate, and that’s why it can produce strategies that lead to desolation, in particular the abomination that causes desolation.