The Wedding Invitation

For weddings they say
Something old, something new
But that’s not My way
When I invite you!
So clear out the old
And make way for the new
And there’s no need to borrow
Anything blue
Spotless and pure
Is My color of choice
As you focus on Me
And discern My voice
You’ll skip like calves
And walk through walls
Move faster than light
When My voice calls
New ways to move
And new ways to rest
And even new ways
To be hidden in the cleft
Of the Rock of Ages
So hear My song
Harmonize in color
And in Me be strong
As the earth is preparing
For the final war
My wedding invitations
Have been sent to every door
Hear the shofar sound
And the Lion who roars
See the latter rain fall
As My Spirit pours
You’ll see My return
From earth or above
And dance in My procession
Of extravagant love!