Two Dreams About Iranians



Two Dreams About Iranians

While walking through the desert, we rejoiced to see springs of fresh water bubbling up from the sand and the water was flowing uphill! And I heard many people speaking Farsi in Los Angeles, Paris, Toronto and Frankfurt, as well as in Iran and many were speaking kindly on behalf of Israel. The main theme of the dream was to encourage Jewish people to make Aliyah, the return home to יהוה and to the nation of Israel. At one point I marveled how Iranians were encouraging Jews to make Aliyah and at the end of the dream, while walking by the desert springs again, I noticed that they had grown into a very large body of water with greenery springing up at the water’s edge.

Upon awakening, I heard this for Iranians who minister before יהוה:

“Your testimonies break strongholds, not only over Iran and the neighboring countries, but also over Israel!”

Dream: Part 2 Iranians

While attending a Global Watch conference, an extremely disruptive and disrespectful voice arose, so Susan asked him to leave. But he wouldn’t budge and even began to mock her, so she cast him out and he disappeared!

I’d been invited to help lead worship but couldn’t find my keyboard cables nor the piano pedal. I searched under seats, in closets, everywhere possible to no avail.

So I started complaining to G-d and quickly found myself outside the camp. The only way to re-enter was by walking up a steep, slippery wooden ramp. As I began to walk uphill, a flood of water cascaded down the ramp so I jumped off to the side. A large angelic figure sat in the midst of the flood with an outstretched arm and when I reached out to grab his arm, he disappeared yet continued to help me walk uphill on the water! I saw him later at the conference serving food to the guests, so I came alongside him to serve food too.

There was a large contingency of Iranian Christians who live in France attending the conference. They initially stayed together but then began to reach out to meet others.

As I read the program guide which also featured the stories of each guest, I was amazed to read the testimonies of the Iranians because each one had a Cinderella or Snow White fairy tale lifestyle to share of overcoming tragic circumstances.

Suddenly many of the intercessors from the other nations began to fall at the feet of the Iranian people, weeping uncontrollably. The tears of the intercessors became anointing oil that Miriam poured out from an alabaster jar on the feet of Yeshua. When I realized that these Iranians were being prepared for burial, I saw centrifuges spinning wildly out of control. As I began to weep, I noticed that Yeshua wept too…