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Isaiah 53 The Forbidden Chapter

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Sharing the Gospel with Israelis

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The Yeshua Project was formed out of three organizations partnering together to share the Gospel with Israelis: Kehilat haCarmel, Heart of G-d Ministries, and Tree of Life Ministries.

By producing quality booklets, videos, and websites and equipping believers to share the Good News, we’re able to reach people right where they are – whether they be online or on the street.

This booklet presents God’s promises to the Jewish people and His miraculous fulfilment of them throughout history.



The Need: The vast majority of Israelis are secular, and unfortunately don’t appreciate their own history or recognize God’s involvement in it. Many of them don’t know their own Scriptures very well, if at all, and don’t feel a connection to God. So it can be difficult to share with them about Yeshua, Jesus, based on the Scriptures, without first showing that the Tanach (Old Testament) is inspired. The Goal: So the goal of the booklet is to give them a fresh introduction to the God of Israel – to demonstrate how He is a sovereign God who is involved in human history, is faithful to His promises, and cares deeply about His people. It also shows that the Scriptures aren’t mere stories, but the inspired Word of God. The Impact: Among Jewish People: We’ve distributed thousands of booklets here in Israel in Hebrew, Russian, and English, and stories keep flooding in about how God has used it to touch people’s lives – in some cases even dramatically changing people’s whole perspective about who God is. It has often opened up the doors for fruitful conversations about God and Jesus. Among Christians: It has not only proven to be a powerful outreach tool to Jewish people, but also a great tool to strengthen the faith of believers and to help them understand what God is doing in Israel. Many Christians are ordering boxes of booklets for use at their congregation, Sunday school, home group, or for neighbours, friends, and outreach.
Help us reach more people with this booklet

Our goal is to get these out to as many people as possible so it can have a real impact. So we’re offering these for relatively low suggested donations (especially if you order them in bulk). Since our heart is for evangelism, if you’re wanting to use these booklets to reach the lost, please contact us about a discounted rate. Please write in the COMMENT field how many booklets or worship CD’s you would like to order.  And please be specific – what language for the booklets as we offer them in English, Hebrew, Russian, French and German.  Also when ordering CD’s please click here. Or, if you want to reach people in your community but can’t afford the regular suggested donation amounts, please contact us. Of course, our main goal is to use these to reach out to Israelis with the Gospel. So if you’d like to help us do that, you can do so in three ways:

  1. Order as many as you can use for the relatively low suggested donations we have them listed for. All of the donations go toward continuing this evangelistic project.
  2. Donate beyond just ordering your own booklet. For every dollar you give, we can get one more booklet in Hebrew or Russian to a Jewish person in Israel.
  3. What helps us have the greatest impact is if you’d like to partner with us on a monthly basis, helping us reach Israelis with the Gospel.
Please partner with us as we share the Gospel in Israel. Watch our evangelistic videos Sous-titres en français (Subtitles in French) Untertitel in Deutsch (Subtitles in German)

to view the video in HD click the “gear icon” and under Quality choose 720p.

Sous-titres en français (Subtitles in French)

Untertitel in Deutsch (Subtitles in German)

Isaiah 53 The Forbidden Chapter:

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