Warum fühlen wir uns so zu Re’im hingezogen?

Warum fühlen wir uns so zu Re’im hingezogen? Warum fühlen wir uns gezwungen, an den Orten des Massakers vom 7. Oktober nahe der Grenze zu Gaza herumzuwandern? Warum fühlen wir uns so zu diesem Ort des tiefen Leidens und der Tragödie hingezogen? Manche sagen, es geht darum, einen Schlussstrich zu ziehen und sich zu erinnern, […]

A Study of Deception versus Discernment

A Study of Deception versus Discernment 1 Kings 22 presents a fascinating story of discernment versus deception, while highlighting a frightening aspect of human nature that most of us would prefer not to admit. The King of Israel, Ahab along with his wife Jezebel, who was the ultimate in wickedness, lured the people of Israel […]

Dream of Food Changes

Dream of Food Changes While searching for a gift in a store, I was drawn to shelves of brightly colored wrapping paper. I considered buying some but then noticed that they were edible and each color had a different flavor. At the checkout counter the clerk, an older lady, was eating ice cream. Suddenly I […]

Dream on a Windy Plain

Dream on a windy plain After a sweet meeting with our in-laws, we knew that everything was prepared and in place  in Israel. Fast forward in time to when we arrived in Denver at the couple who was hosting us, there were four women, powerful intercessors whom I greeted one by one. Each one was […]

Dream of The Heavenly Seeds

Dream of The Heavenly Seeds After the eclipse passed over North America, a myriad of tiny seeds were sprinkled down from Heaven, securely planted in the hearts and minds of many who’d been considered outcasts, such as Indigenous peoples and despondent youth. These heavenly seeds took root and sprouted quickly, blossoming and causing their once […]

An Ode to an Eclipse

An Ode to an Eclipse While standing at the entrance Of a most unusual gate I couldn’t help but notice The increase in strife and hate A perfectly choreographed dance With nothing left to chance Ringlets of ribbon on fire Demanding each eye view higher Looking for chinks in the armor Or a hoe in […]

Prophetic Words and Dreams for Canada

PROPHETIC WORDS AND DREAMS FOR CANADA Recently Adonai said, “I’m sending you somewhere completely unexpected.” And He gave this word for the region from Isaiah 33:16 –“He will dwell on the heights, his refuge will be the impregnable rock;His bread will be given him, his water will be sure.” Next Adonai highlighted Psalm 32:7 and […]

A Dream of Dwelling Places

A Dream of Dwelling Places I was listening as David said he wanted to build a house that יהוה could dwell in. When this Scripture came to mind, I heard יהוה say that the house He wants to dwell in is inside everyone of our hearts. So I opened my heart for Him to take […]

Why are we so drawn to Re’im?

Why are we so drawn to Re’im? Why do we feel compelled to wander about the sites of the October 7 massacre near the border of Gaza? Why are we so drawn to this place of deep suffering and tragedy? Some say it’s to bring closure and to remember so that it won’t happen again. […]

Dream on the Island

Dream on the Island I realized that I must have caught the wrong bus when we took the fork in the road that climbed up higher than the normal road. At this point it was too late to get off the bus as we were in line to board the ferry that would take us […]