Dreams and Prophetic Words

These are dreams and words I’ve had that I felt were from G-d.

Scripture says not to believe every spirit,
but test them to see if they are from G-d (1 John 4:1).

The same goes for dreams.


Dreams and Words

Dream: An Awakening

An awakening began in many children, teenagers and young adults. It happened in people whom others least expected, and even surprised themselves. A Spirit of

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Dreams and Words

A Word – The Stethoscope

Last night when we were listening to G-d during a discipleship class that Richard leads, I heard this and believe it was another encouraging word

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Dreams and Words

Dream – The Golan

The mobilization of the Golan entered into the next stage. There were already many bases and a strong military presence, but now the homes that

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More Dreams & Words

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