September 10th, 2023


Chag Sameach!
Happy Holidays to all who celebrate the Leviticus 23 Feasts of Adonai!

The Oslo Accords versus The Genesis 15:12 Accords

In a recent word, I saw Adonai with me as a child, playing nurse. Suddenly we were on the streets of Jerusalem to hear His voice and speak words of healing to Israelis in trauma as He declared, “Bring My stethoscope to their ears so they can hear My heartbeat.” Then I saw a dark cloud. A dear friend had the impression that this dark cloud over Jerusalem was the same kind of dreadful darkness that came upon Avram in Genesis 15:12. “Now when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Avram; and behold, terror and great darkness fell upon him.”

In Biblical times when a covenant was cut between two parties, they’d walk in between the two altars in an ∞ pattern. But when G-d promised the Land to Avram and his seed, He put Avram into a deep sleep and cut the covenant on the altars with Himself, so it was unconditional! September 13 marks the 30th anniversary of the Oslo Accords, which were an intentional agreement to divide the Land of Israel, who was so desperate for peace, she gave away covenantal land for “peace”, but this failed because of the Genesis 15:12 Accords!

Could this dark cloud that’s going to cover Jerusalem be from G-d Himself as He is going to renew the covenant He cut with Avram, who was in a deep sleep, just as we, the people of Israel are today in a deep sleep? I believe that something covenantal is coming over our Land and I’m not alone. I’ve been getting many calls from young prophetic Israelis who are suddenly wide awake in the middle of the night, sensing that יהוה is about to move mightily in our midst. Another confirmation came from a friend who visited an art gallery in Jerusalem where this artist painted a stethoscope with a dove…


We’d be most grateful for your prayers as Sept. 20-27, b’ezrat HaAdon – G-d willing, we’ll welcome artists from many nations who heard the call to come to Jerusalem and release creative offerings before the L-rd, while also inspiring local prophetic artists to walk in their Zechariah 1:17-21 destiny. A clear word about this journey is to create “according to the pattern that was given on the mountain” like Betzalel and Oholiav.

I’ve sensed the need to plan another PAJ for early spring, 2024, so please let me know if this resonates with you! I believe this calling will continue to build every time an artist comes to Israel and releases what Adonai has planted within them!

Report on the Journey to Herrnhut, Germany and Auschwitz, Poland

It was a joy & a privilege to participate in The Global Watch prayer summit in Herrnhut, Germany. The main speakers, Hormoz & Donnell Shariat of Iran Alive and Andrew Brunson of Prepare to Stand brought essential Scriptures and testimonies that were most encouraging and inspiring, as we all took account of how we will each prepare to stand firm for Yeshua in the last days.

I invited several young musicians to lead worship with me and after the second time, one of the singers asked to learn how to sing in the Spirit. I decided to model it for her, so for my third session, I invited several young singers to join while my friend Alyosha Rabinov, concert pianist extraordinaire, played the piano and we launched into a beautifully rich time of Spirit-led worship. Afterwards, a woman wanted to know where she could get the CD for those songs, but we explained that they were just heavenly downloads!

After Herrnhut there was a tour of the Auschwitz death camp, which was emotionally draining, yet I realized the great value in what we accomplished there. The Fountain of Tears and the Auschwitz House of Prayer represented the Kingdom of Life and Light in stark contrast to the gates of Auschwitz, which represented the kingdom of death and darkness. At one point I strongly sensed a chink in the armor, a crack in the hardened hearts of my people regarding the Gospel and the Shoah. A mountain was indeed moved during this assignment and the exhibit on the partisan movement, those brave souls who would not comply with Hitler, gave great hope for the future!


During our upcoming ministry journey to MN, TX, GA and FL this November, we still have some dates open for Israel-friendly churches and home groups. Plus we’re looking for a couple who can house-sit so our daughter Deborah won’t be home alone; we prefer someone with carpentry and gardening skills please…

Please pray that the true friends of Israel, evangelical Christians, will be allowed to function here because if they’re shut down, then Holocaust survivors, widows and orphans will suffer. But this could be one reason why persecution is increasing here:

After viewing this video, I asked Sarah to please be culturally sensitive. When the Gospel is presented with respect and people approached with love, Israelis often respond with questions about Yeshua. This is our goal whether we’re on the street or presenting our outreach videos online. Her response? “You are wrong. G-d sent me to preach in Israel.”

Let’s pray that G-d will speak to Sarah about her methods that are alienating Jewish hearts.

Recently I’ve had dreams about the Prince of Persia and as we see our freedoms rapidly eroding with chaos and deception escalating exponentially, it seems that the man of lawlessness is already walking on the earth. But I believe we’ll also see revival like never before as people wake up to the new world reality.

So we have good news and bad news happening at the same time, just like the wheat and tares that are growing together in the field until the final harvest. Storing for physical needs may be helpful in the coming days, but the essential thing is to draw near to G-d, discerning His voice and walking in obedience like never before!

Blessings in Yeshua’s love,
– Carolyn and Richard of Heart of G-d Ministries